Sunday, 17 November 2019

What’s In a Name?

In the face of global political and climatic upheaval, there is a pull towards polarity—an undertow—but also an acknowledgement of something beyond civilisation (a meta-modernity or post post-modernism) where self-expression and individuality are not interdependent (i.e. lose the mask, as in, “LISTEN” has the same letters as “SILENT”).

Where do all the iPhone’s go when they die? Can Jazz save the world? Who needs lyrics, anyway? What subterranean force binds all living and non-living entities together? Us? Them? We? What is beyond?

These are the questions of a disenchanted and disillusioned environmentalist and jazz composer (two totally incongruous worlds) looking to step away from the faux-drama, nepotistic ego vortex which has consumed the Millennial generation into a vain, placeless faction of social media addicts glued to their cloud devices. (I’m not at all above it.) It seems the only action which might counter this folly is a slide into a futuristic unknown—a vaporous, nameless, accountless zone of dis-individualistic anti-capitalism.

Uncivilized. Capital “u”. American spelling. The Uncivilisation Festival (British spelling). An artistic moniker; an instrumental collage orchestra; a collective; a half-joke. The name of a musical project whose community and practice have healed and fed my understanding of these treacherous times.

I will be moving away from my given name and social media accounts, as a thought experiment further into the realms of Uncivility and its musical exponents. This website will live on in perpetuity, but all Uncivilized-related news will be moved to, home of the Uncivilized syndication entity UNCIV MUSIC.

(Also check out, home of my ongoing writing & research project about campfire Freak-Jazz guitar chords and the strange dualities of this folky wizard-stick-turned-glam-toy instrument.)

I hope you will keep an eye/ear at these other domains and join me in questioning the relevance of individualistic names, especially in this ego-heavy epoch, and especially in the arts.

“Tom”, aka Uncivilized
Founder and Chief Conspirator: