Monday, 9 July 2018

Uncivilized Plays Peaks Out Now + Vulture Article

Happy to share the new Uncivilized album, Uncivilized Plays Peaks, available to stream on Spotify, and for purchase at

A kind review of the album was posted on Rate Your Music:

“Bandleader Tom Csatari (guitar) recorded this live album in October of last year, having a mix of material, with about half of the tunes being from Twin Peaks ost . He leads a very, very loose band. You can hear this within the first song, the band’s looseness accentuates the melody of ‘The Theme’ (the intro theme of twin peaks). In another sense they’re really in tune with each other, displayed by the on-a-dime transitions they perform like on Lullaby Stomp progression to Laura Palmer Theme.

While this album is very composed for a jazz album, letting the choruses and the band shine, the soloing comes more from each person doing their own little affectations upon the theme. While there are around 9 or so members in the band, there will be two or three at any given time riffing off into the distance for a section just to return back to playing. It shows the strong chemistry of this band.

The songs range from his own previous material, new material in the form of the songs labelled STOMP, aforementioned twin peaks covers, Fleetwood Mac cover (Races are run) as well as material from the singer (Ivy Meissner). This singer comes in about half way to the album to deliver the vocals for the twin peaks songs that use vocals, Races are run, and her own songs. Her voice ended up growing on me a bit, however it is poorly recorded. It’s stuck in the right ear and is very low in the mix. I think it’s that that causes the detriment of her sections in the album rather than her singing.

AOTY so far.”

Catch us at Pioneer Works on August 8/23, and check out this description in Vulture Magazine from New York Times writer Giovanni Russonello:

“the Brooklyn freak-folk-jazz troupe Uncivilized, are tapping a similar impulse to build independent communities around music, art, and intervention.”

That’s it for now!
Tom, a.k.a Uncivilized